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Orden de los Reyes Magos



After the Arcane Orders, the Magi Order is the most exclusive of the Mystery Schools. Although the Nazarene was a member of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, it was the Priests of the Magi who were Divinely informed of the birth of the Child and who journeyed to welcome him into this world. The exclusiveness of the Magi is centered on its strict criteria of acceptance for membership and training.


The essential requirements for admittance to the Magi Order are:

1. The applicant is free from all restrictive religious dogma.

2. The applicant will dedicate time each day to the exercises taught.

3. He or she will permit, Biblically speaking, neither father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, friend or foe to in any way interfere with the required study and practices.


These stringent applicant requirements are necessary for ultimate success in the Order. For example, the individual who selects one of the professions such as medicine, dentistry, law, the priesthood or any other profession must meet these same prerequisites for success. When studying for a profession the student must give all of his or her time, both day and evenings, until fully prepared to actively enter the profession. They cannot permit business, social affairs or others to interfere with their study.


The restrictions of the Magi are not so severe if we take into consideration that the student is already engaged in the duties and obligations of life, and that the Work of his or her development in the Magi is, in essence, a second profession. The Magi work is a profession designed to help the student accomplish three things:

1.    To bring into manifestation and develop the hidden possibilities (talents) within the student.

2.   To obtain success at any honorable occupation or service to humanity.

3.   Spiritual development.


It is important to emphasize that these accomplishments are to the benefit of others and those depending upon the student than directly to the individual student. The student whose heart and Soul is imbued with desire will find that training in the Magi Order provides steadfast aid for his or her service to humanity.


The Teachings of the Magi

The teachings and training of the Magi are significantly different in character from that of the other Arcane Orders. In contrast, the Æth Priesthood Order is focused on the Spiritual aspect of the Great Work, upon awakening and developing the Divine Soul Spark, the Christos, hidden within each individual. This emphasis is in harmony with the Biblical command:


“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you” (Luke 12:31). For this reason the Æth Priesthood Order is primary in the Great Work and the Magi Order is secondary. Furthermore, an individual must be member of the Æth Priesthood in good standing before applying for acceptance into the Magi Order.


The Magi Order focuses on fully developing all of the hidden powers, forces and energies within the student. These hidden forces include development of both the mind and the Will. Secondarily, the Magi Order offers additional instructions for development of the Spiritual aspect of the student. The Magi Order focuses on success in the world but based upon moral values.


The methods of the Magi Order are not in any sense to be confused with pop-culture mind philosophy. The Divine Science of the Ancient Magi of the pre-Christian era instructs the student to transform the mortal lower tendencies and dysfunctional practices of life. At the same time, the Magi Order also instructs the student on how to direct all his or her hidden powers toward the fullness of life, wringing success out of failure and peace out of chaos and fear.


The Magi Order instructs its students in the methods that awaken and gradually develop all their hidden forces, talents and capabilities. This process and procedures develop the Magi student’s ability to achieve freedom from bondage to their lower nature and from serfdom to their own weak and destructive tendencies. At the same time, it leads the student to become free from the domination of those who attempt to enslave others.


The teachings of the Magi mark the pathway to success upon all planes of being, both physical and spiritual. This is accomplished only through transmutation of the undesirable tendencies within the mortal self into the good and constructive forces, powers and energies of the Divine. Through this effort, the student can become a Magus, or Master.


Within each individual lies hidden and dormant forces. These forces are our inherent capabilities and abilities, the Biblical “talents” (Matthew 25:14-30). These forces awaken and become manifest to all who make the necessary effort to study and properly apply the teachings. Once these hidden forces and abilities are awakened and developed by proper methods, they will make the neophyte a giant among people- a super-human for good.


The Wise Ones of Old

The ancient Priests of Melchizedek, the Priests of Æth, or Light, were those who developed their inherent Spiritual forces above and beyond the powers of mind. Their inclination was to become the teachers and leaders of the people, most especially concerning Spiritual concepts for the enlightenment of humanity.


In contrast, the Magi were known as “the wise men of old.” In the field of human relations the Magi were the wisest of all time. They were the Masters among the people, recognizing that we live and become great by the correct application of the forces God placed in our keeping. Of those in their time, the Magi alone succeeded in unraveling the secrets of the Ages- the dynamic powers and forces hidden within them, just as they are hidden in us today.


The Magi were free because they allowed no one to interfere with their efforts. Consequently, they were able to read the unseen Divine message that a Great Exemplar was to be born into the world whom would teach and explain the Divine Law in a manner all could understand. They foresaw a world teacher who would reveal the Mystery of our inherent powers, forces, energies, possibilities and capabilities. They foresaw a Master Teacher who would educate the people on the methods to awaken their “talents” and how to apply them in the every day affairs of their life. The development of our inherent Biblical talents forms a partnership between our physical affairs and our Spiritual possibilities to the eternal benefit of all humanity.


The Magi of old were wise. They were imbued and governed by a Spiritual intent, as must everyone today who seeks to become a Magus. They did not, and still do not, attempt to teach humanity the secret means and methods for attaining aggrandizement and personal benefits at the expense of their fellow humans. They knew the Divine Law and taught it in all its pristine purity. The Divine Law is the inner secret of the Science of the Magi.


The Magi, as did the Nazarene, recognized that within every individual there are deeply hidden, unrecognized occult[1] forces, powers and energies which, properly developed by self-effort, help the seeker to become Individualized. The elevated energies raise the Magi student toward the heavens and in turn enable them to perform even greater good works just as the Wise Ones of old did.


Our Divine possibilities are not an illusion or a chimera of mind. These dormant talents only await our efforts to arouse and perfect them. The Nazarene attested to the veracity of teachings of the Magi when he said,“Truly, truly, I say to you, He who believes in me shall do the works which I do; and even greater than these things he shall do, because I am going to my Father.”

(John 14:12)


For more information on this subject, we refer the reader to:

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[1]Occult is a grossly misunderstood term. Occult simply means “hidden” or “generally unknown.” Unfortunately, the word “occult” is generally used to imply spurious or evil connotations that were never intended by the original definition. The real meaning of occult is “the Godly related talents hidden within us that require awakening and cultivation.”