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Ejercicio del Aliento de Dios 

Our atmosphere contains a force known as The Breath of God. When this Breath is consciously inhaled, it can bring health and strength to those who make use of it in the right spirit.

When this Breath is sent out, with thoughts of love and peace, the resulting vibrations will change the world. We invite you to work with us in the practice of The Breath of God, to help yourself and those around you, bringing true peace and brotherhood to all of God's creation. Will you help?

Method of Procedure:

Assume a relaxed, conformable position. Now slowly draw in a deep breath from the abdomen while simultaneously holding the thought:

"I will draw in the omnipotent Breath of God"

Retain the breath for five seconds as you hold the thought:

"I send the Breath of God throughout my entire being to heal and to strengthen."

Lastly, as you slowly exhale, and with all the feeling and dedication you can muster, hold these thought vibrations:

"I send out love and peace to all humanity."

The entire exercise may be repeated several times a day if you desire, but one of the times practiced should be at 12:00 o'clock noon each day. As we all do this, a powerful wave of love and peace vibrations will immediately sweep around the world from time zone to time zone. To begin with do not force yourself or overdo the practice. It does not need to be performed more than three minutes at a time.

The power and results possible from following this procedure are incalculable, and its value and benefits will be quickly proven if you but give it a TRY. After you have completed the practice, be at peace with complete trust in your effort, knowing that even though the world around you may appear to be in chaos, with the Breath of God there is always a way!